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If you knew us since 2005, TODAY YOUR RESULTS would have been:

The source code of this system will finally be made public later, it's our intention to.
More info will be given to our users in the next months...

(Hourly System at a 10/1 leverage with a 2 orders delay and logarithmic scale chart)

The source code of this system will finally be made public later, it's our intention to.
More info will be given to our users in the next months...

(Daily System at a 10/1 leverage with a 1 order delay and logarithmic scale chart)

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HELP - Check our introdutory section for an initial step-by-step integration and first contact with our services. Click here to know more.

WELCOME TO AUTOMATED TRADING - Tired of analyzing charts? Spending hours in front of your computer? Get rid of preoccupations. We have the solution! Don't chase profits, let them run alone. Also thought for that user that doesn't know how to invest but seeks profits. cares about users with visual disability. CHECK HOW.

Artificial Intelligence applied to Trading:

Many investors have wondered about those mechanical trading systems used by some famous traders, which affirm they do their profits based on them. But those investors end up realizing that it's not easy to make a fully mechanical trading system or finding a good one at affordable costs. All traders realize that trading is a lot stressing and also that there are human emotions (like Greed, Fear or Hope) that influence their decisions, leading them to commit mistakes, and almost all traders have wondered already about the use of mechanical systems, but not all investors have access to profitable systems.

So we're proud of being able to provide Forex signals, which are given by fully mechanical systems with no human influence whatsoever. The only human work done on our systems is associated with their maintenance and helping our users, so we can provide a much better client support.

We have a section where you can know a little more about us.

We do an amount of extensive testing on our trading systems before their releases, passing also through public testing. Our first system to be made public was called G-System, a very simple name, unlike the system itself, which was not so simple to make, initially made for the Forex markets.

At the moment we have our system working only on the EUR/USD cross, while we are still making extensive tests do be able to expand later its signals to other crosses. Anyway we believe it's better to concentrate a trader's attention and efforts on a single cross to improve his trading results, instead of paying more attention to more crosses causing unwanted losses. While they are being tested in real time, for us to be sure that they are ready to be used, we're providing signals for the Forex EUR/USD cross already. You can learn more about our systems on our "The System" section.

System Highlights
 About its platform:
  - Signals quickly sent by email (discontinued)
  - Signals also given via our website
  - Password protected area for the users
  - History and signals updated in real time
  - History of orders sent by email (discontinued) and via web
  - Daily, Monthly and Annually reports sent by email (discontinued)
  - Complete & detailed system past reports
  - Monthly results exposed to public in real time

 About the system itself:
  - Consistent results
  - It's a 100% mechanical system
  - It's not a curve fitted system
  - Specific entry and exit points
  - Uses the most liquid cross (EUR/USD)
  - No excessive trading (may be days without a trade)
  - It's based on the Forex Markets (Foreign Exchange)

System Performances
  Hourly regular system:

   Tests period:
    2002..............+ 2,372 pips
   Real time period:
    2003..............+ 5,150 pips
    2004..............+ 5,635 pips
    2005..............+ 3,571 pips
    2006..............+ 3,015 pips
    2009.03.16.....+ 1,474 pips
   Since system inception: +21,217 pips

   (Values calculated in real time with a delay of some orders)

To see some examples of gains in percentage on the most profitable months on 2006 (with profits over 17,000% at a 100/1 leverage and 110% at a 10/1 leverage in only one month) and also on the daily system between 2005 and 2006, click here!

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