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About Us & Contacts is an entity dedicated to Mechanical Trading Systems development and making them accessible and affordable to all investors.

We dedicate ourselves to creating and improving 100% fully mechanical trading systems to be used on the FOREX markets. We have a strict policy concerning system testing and efficacy so we are still testing some other crosses in real time in order to release them later for customer use. At the moment, and because one cross is enough to acquire gains (and we think it's better to concentrate on one cross than in many), the EUR/USD trading system is being used by our users already.

Our team creates trading systems for almost four years and has specialized on Forex markets investing two years ago. All our collaborators have expertise in computer programming, internetworking and web-development, as well as in technical analysis and trading systems. The server side scripting of this website, as long as its' databases maintenance, or its software, were all made by team. All our collaborators are also specialized in investing. So everyone in has specialized themselves in programming financial languages as Metastock™ or Metaquotes™. Fell free to ask us any kind of questions, but note that we'll never be able to give any information regarding our trading systems and how they work or how they were made.

So we can proudly guarantee that any of us here in can answer our members' questions about the use of the system, Forex markets, or even computer related questions and doubts on problems that may affect their access to our systems. We also invest but we have our investments already being taken care of by our trading systems so we can take that advantage and have an extra time to dedicate to our members and systems.

We realize the huge amount of problems happening everyday with email servers so we have decided to provide our users also a web-based platform to provide them the signals they need directly on our website as well as receiving our emails. Our website uses our preferred platform, a web server and scripting and data basing technologies, based on a Linux™ platform.

Usually, trading systems' signals providers avoid the need to build complex and expensive platforms for members' login and protected areas, and avoiding also the use of complex databases. On those websites, members just need to sign-up and start receiving their signals by email with no other necessary process to the signal provider, and members often fail to receive their signals by email, which is disclaimed for being usual on the Internet to happen those kinds of email delivery problems (which is true lots of times).

For those reasons, we decided not to choose that path, and made a platform with a restricted access area on our website as well as a system that sends emails with new orders. This way, users won't lose their signals due to email problems, which will always be exposed online on our website, and will still have their emails even without accessing our website, avoiding this way both problems. Not only they receive emails with signals and last orders, but will also receive Daily, Monthly and Yearly reports from our system to have a global perspective of its performance on a daily basis.

For these reasons and others, we hope that you enjoy our services and feel free to contact us at anytime.

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