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GFX Automated Trading Software

Welcome to the Automation of Trading via

You are on this page due to a new concept in the world of investments: Artificial Intelligence applied to the investment of capital, in this case, in the currency markets.

We'll see next the tools provided to our users to allow them to see their capital being invested in a fully automated way without any human intervention, ideal for those who may not have the necessary time for the regular and constant analysis of charts, and to those which pretend to take advantage of investing their money in a relaxed way without the need of any human intervention. Conceived also thinking on users with visual disability, letting any user, even those with total blindness, invest their capital in an automated way. Diagram

01. Introduction and advantages
02. The GFX-Connect (software for obtaining the signals)
03. The GFX60 and GFX1440 (Expert Advisors to be used in Metatrader)
04. The GFXPos Indicators (for visualizing the system's evolution)
05. Downloads and Guides about Installation and Use
06. Small example from orders on a Metatrader platform doesn't limit itself to just give buy and sell signals via web and email, created by automated trading systems. It is given also to our users the possibility of seeing their own money being invested in a fully 100% automated way by our systems in their own homes and without any human intervention through our tools which are provided for that purpose.

01. Advantages:

  - Possibility of your capital being invested by our systems;
  - Less stress to the user and elimination of human errors on trading;
  - It's unnecessary to be near the computer for the systems to work;
  - All the orders are given in your own computer;
  - Orders are given without any human influence;
  - It is not necessary to open an account in a specific broker;
  - Each user invests his own capital in his own accounts;
  - Sound alerts are given with the arrival of new signals;
  - With systems to give automated orders in the Metatrader platform;
  - With indicators for visualization of systems' positions in charts;
  - Flexibility: exportation of the signals to other platforms;
  - Possibility of interaction with user developed systems;
  - Email sending with each operation effectuated in an automated way.

This way, our users can have the system giving orders in real time in their own computers without ever needing to open an account in a specific broker as it happens with other systems, neither needing to have their capital being invested in other accounts other than their own, amongst other advantages.

Without these characteristics offered by us, our system would be more indicated to those users that pass lots of time in front of their computers and that like to execute orders manually or that use the systems as advisors only. At the best of chances they could at the time receive signals via email wherever they were, even through cellular phones, but they would have to go to a computer terminal to access their brokers via Internet, which not only forced then them to be near their computers but also would make them being tempted to go against the systems' positions sometimes due to the human emotions that could interfere and make their performance distant from the systems' real performances.
This new solution was for that reason developed thinking on the users that want to see their capital being invested in a 100% automated way, since their computers will execute all the orders without the necessity of any human intervention anytime.

It will be the final solution for those who want to have their capital being invested in an automated way without any kind of stress for its owner, our user, as if it would be invested by a broker with awesome performances but completely artificial. It's after all the concept of Artificial Intelligence being applied to the investments world, a virtual trader investing instead of you, 24 hours per day without stopping thinking on your capital and how to make it multiply itself even more.

02. GFX-Connect:

Lets start by GFX-Connect, a piece of software that serves as a graphical interface and alert software to be ran on each user's own computer. This software was made to work on the Windows™ operating system, it's installed on the user's computer, and after running it, it's enough for the user to login and a connection to our main servers will be made to authenticate him. After that, all its operations will be made through the Internet, and it will be through it that it will keep permanently in touch with our main servers.

This system has the following functions:

- Secure authentication

- Keeping itself connected to servers (from there comes the GFX-Connect designation) and updated on the systems' signals

- Showing the signals in an easy to consult table for the user to be able to check the system's situation

- Alerting the user through a pop-up and sound alert when new signals arrive

- Exporting data for our Expert Advisors on Metatrader and in ".csv" files for being read by other systems in other platforms made by our users, having an excellent flexibility and easy adaptation to other systems

- Allowing TimeZone configuration, signals exportation to other paths chosen by the user, configuring sound alerts for various functions, testing the sound alerts for sound regulation, being minimized to the system tray for freeing space on the taskbar, doing manual updates, amongst other things

This piece of software by itself doesn't execute orders alone, and serves only as an interface between the Expert Advisors or any other trading systems and our main servers, as well as providing sound alerts to warn the users on the arrival of new signals, as for example during the night and on users' sleep, or even to show in a quick way the systems' signals avoiding this way that the user has to go to our website to log in or having to consult our signals by email.

Its user's manual and explanation of all its functionalities, as well as its installation process and functions, is exposed with more detail here.

03. The GFX60 and GFX1440 Expert Advisors:

Together with the GFX-Connect, two Expert Advisors are provided for being used in the Metatrader platform. These two Expert Advisors are destined to the hourly system and to the daily system, respectively. It's them that, interacting with the GFX-Connect software, will execute orders on the markets in real time, 24 hours per day, according to the instructions given by the systems.

This system is completely flexible, making possible amongst other things:

- Choosing the Leverage to be used

- Limitation on the minimum and maximum amounts to be invested in each order

- Choosing if the system should try to enter at a fixed price or at market prices and in which way will it open positions

- Definition of the tolerance in pips to give to the experts relating to the orders and to the prices given by our systems for adaptation to factors like spread or even just for facilitating the execution of orders during times when the market acts in a more erratic way

- Ways to force the automated negotiation system to open a position only if it is able to get an extra profit surpassing our systems in a determined amount of pips first, increasing this way the chances of rising the profits and reach performances superior to those of our trading systems in our main servers

- Distinction between the process of Opening and Closing positions, being able to close positions at market prices at the moment (best available prices) but also at the same time only opening new positions at fixed prices and with profits or tolerances relating to our servers' systems, defined by the user

- Adjusting quotes so that they can be similar to those used by our systems (in case the brokers' quotes may be desynchronized, something a lot frequent between the different brokers and feeders)

- Automatic sending of emails to the user whenever it is closed and opened a position in an automatic way, explaining what was done in that order and with which balance the user ended up after it was executed, to provide a complete information about everything that is done in a 100% automated way, being the user always updated on what is being done by the Expert Advisors, in spite of not being supposed to interfere with the systems

- Possibility of being demanded a manual confirmation from the user whenever a new position is to be opened

- Possibility of opening only short or long positions alone, instead of both

- Possibility of saving the Expert Advisors' configurations in files so that they can be transferred to other computers and negotiation systems in an easy and quick way

- Real time information on the user's charts about the current profit on the orders given by the systems, their positions as well as their opening and closing dates and times

- Real time information on the user's charts about the systems' actions, always informing whenever it is trying to close or open a new position at a fixed price, or other situations

- Possibility of defining sound alerts to the user whenever the prices reach determined levels, via Metatrader platform

- Possibility of being paused anytime, making impossible for the systems that way to execute new orders, until instructions saying that it can again

These were some of the characteristics of our automated trading software. By reading their installation and use manual, users will have total access to the learning of these characteristics.

It's enough to the user, after installing the automated trading software, besides having opened the GFX-Connect so that a connection can be established with the main servers, turn on the Expert Advisors and give them permission to invest your own capital in real time in an automated way, and after that you could get away from the computer and let it invest by itself, and always being aware about its behaviour, via email if necessary, in case you find yourself lots of time outside home, being enough for the computer to have an Internet connection so it can execute orders.

This software should be used with brokers that use the Metatrader platform. Anyway it should be noted that the GFX-Connect exports the signals to ".csv" files so they can be imported by any other types of automated negotiation systems that may exist from another platforms, being a reason that makes the entire system extremely flexible.

04. The Position Indicators GFXPos60 and GFXPos1440:

In complement to the Expert Advisors, there are also these two indicators, also made for being used in the Metatrader platform, that when applied on the charts, permit us to visualize in the form of coloured lines, the entry levels of the systems' positions, the systems' actual positions, besides their evolution, in a very intuitive and simplified way. There can be also activated comments on screen, in case we aren't already using the comments given to us by the Expert Advisors GFX60 and GFX1440.

Beside that, they also make possible adapting their quotes to those of the system, so that they can give us as even closer visual result to the orders given by our trading systems, having for that purpose a function to adjust them to those of the positions, in pips.

It is also possible to personalize these indicators, being the user able to choose its colours, the thickness of the lines drawn on the screen, the type of lines to be drawn, amongst other things.

05. Downloads and Guides about Installation and Use:

We can download these tools here, besides being consulted their installation and use guides:

  GFX-Connect (software to obtain systems' signals)
  Expert Advisors GFX60 and GFX1440
  Position Indicators GFXPos60 and GFXPos1440

Note: This is a restricted access area, being allowed its access to our users only, so that you should login first before clicking in these links, or you would not be able to access the user guides provided there.

06. Small example from orders on a Metatrader platform:

Example of some orders given in real time by our systems in an automated way on a Metatrader platform

It was just an example about a gain of around 15% to 20% in about one week with orders executed in a 100% automated way, as we can notice by the diversity also in the hours in which they were executed. And this way we conclude this small introduction to this new concept of Artificial Intelligence applied to Trading, if you want to know more about our tools and even learn how to use them, you just need to log in at our website and access to those tools and their guides through the links provided here.

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