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It is very simple and free to become a member:

Signing up on the Forum

When you sign up on the Forum, you will have access no only to the GFX-Trading's Forum, but also to the main website members password-protected area, and trading systems signals (both the daily and the hourly).

Not only will you have access to our trading systems in an absolutely free way, as you'll also be able to participate on our forums to exchange ideas and informations with other users, or get help regarding our trading systems and trading systems in general, and even about how to make your own systems.

You're only required to be active on the forum from time to time, usually to post something on the forum each three months, to remain active and continue to have access to our trading systems.

The GFX-Trading Forum is divided in two main categories for two languages: English and Portuguese. You can minimize one of those, clicking on the minus sign "-" at the right of each title, letting this way visible only the category of your current language, but you can anytime maximize again the other language category to see its topics.

Any further questions, please ask them on the forum, nowadays, and as the GFX-Trading trading systems are 100% free, all technical support is given in the forum by other users only, and maybe sometimes by GFX-Trading Team's members, but this last option is not guaranteed. So if you have questions, please ask them on the forum instead of sending emails.

And remember, all our services and everything that we have to offer are 100% free, we maintain this website solely on publicity and we'll never charge anything for our trading systems, so that our users can use free mechanical trading systems without ever having to spend money on them or on any other website, when on GFX-Trading it's all free.

In our point of view, everyone should deserve and be able to have a free trading system to help their trading or their trading learning process, without ever having to spend anything, and trading systems should not be charged to the traders ever, specially having in account that the great majority of trading systems don't even give profit or are even scams, charging a lot of money to their users nevertheless. Even those who don't want to share the source code of their systems could share their trading systems signals with others for free. This is our contribuition and you can speak about other free trading systems here on our forums.

This trading system exploration that lives on the markets nowadays should be over and all trading systems should be free to all. This one is our contribution and you can talk about other free trading systems on our forums.

You can and we would love if you decided to share this website to all your friends, family, and even in your websites, and let's start using our forums to continue this movement to develop free trading systems or share them with others. Ours are and will always be free, lets make this your starting point on a new world with free trading systems.

PS: Your username and password on our forum will be the same used on our main website to access our trading systems.

Why pay for a Mechanical Trading System, if you can have one for free?

System Sign Up

If you agree with our terms, sign up here: Trading Systems Forum and Enjoy!



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